A Little Revisiting is in Order

Lot’s of people are upset today but it’s days like this when we should revisit the sage advice of any number of really good philosophers perhaps expressed best by Michel de Montaigne, “Unable to govern events, I govern myself.” We got the same advice from Marcus Aurelius, Zeno and a whole host of others who believed personal responsibility was the key to true success in life. Thousands of prisoners have survived torture because they were able to understand perspective and to concentrate on the things they could control vice those they could not. People have become heroes because they could suspend the actions of others and do the things that needed to be done in the moment.

Regardless of what others think, I can govern what I think. Regardless of what others believe, I can govern what I believe. But most importantly, Regardless of what others do, I can govern what I do. Therein lies the only advice you need. Leaders do not lead by giving lectures or holding rallies or by making laws, but by living what they preach. Never take seriously a philosopher who didn’t/doesn’t live their philosophy.

So, if you feel despair today you only need remember that no one can enslave you unless you allow them to; no one can make you unhappy unless you allow them to; no one governs your thoughts, your beliefs or your actions unless you allow them to. As we used to say in the Aviation business, PRESS ON! Be the light for others, show them how your values are the values they should emulate. The true measure of a person is how they treat others. Another phrase a couple of generations of combat pilots used was DING HAO!! and so DING HAO!! to all.

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  1. Thanks for this, Tony. Yes, I, too, am devastated b the way this election went down! This was the most blatant thievery ever devised, and the media won the election for the Democrats. We have been played like a fiddle! The media is the new liberal political party, and I see no way of stopping them. They are a force and they controlled the events at the Capital, too, by placing the blame on Trump supporters! Bus loads of Antifa were observed wearing MAGA caps so that the blame could be placed on Trump. This day was the defining moment for the media! They are in control!

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