Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Is Congress so busy they can’t change the law calling for two time-changes a year; Two time-changes that no one wants or needs. If you want a bi-partisan bill repeal the Uniform Time Act. If you want to do something truly useful repeal the Uniform Time Act. If you want to be liked by all the people and not just some, repeal the Uniform Time act.

It doesn’t need to be studied; it doesn’t need to be staffed. All you have to do is have someone sit down and write a bill that repeals the Uniform Time Act of 1966. It’s that simple. Just write, 15 U.S.C. §§ 260-64 is immediately repealed. Businesses will thank you, students will thank you, parents who have to get their children up and ready for school will thank you. People with lots of clocks in their houses will thank you. There won’t be mobs of people storming the barricades and tearing down your protective fences just happy constituents who don’t have to “remember to spring forward or fall back.”

Get with it Congress, do something that doesn’t cost the taxpayer anything and for which they will be thankful. Repeal the Uniform Time Act. Do it now!!

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  1. Tony, you are correct that the vast majority of Americans do not like having to reset clocks twice a year. The resistance to repealing the time change is at least two-fold. First, there is the argument that shifting to and from DST saves energy. DOE says it does; other organizations say no it doesn’t. The second argument comes from states located at higher latitudes. Without the shift to DST, their summertime daylight ends too early for evening activities, and without the shift back to standard time, wintertime darkness prevails until mid morning. So opposition to eliminating time changes is less likely to be divided along partisan lines and more likely to be along the haves and have-nots. Expect resistance by northern-most states and states with higher rates for electrical power, e.g. California, which has 55 congressmen/women.

    1. Bart, Nothing stopping them from installing DST as the standard and then just staying with it but this jumping back and forth, especially with several states and/or counties not going with the flow is just plain sill.

      1. Were you aware that there is indeed a recently introduced bipartisan bill in the Senate that would make DST year-round and eliminate the bi-annual time change?


        I expect nothing to come from an attempt to enact the “Sunlight Protection Act.” I have been in favor of eliminating the time changes for decades. I would prefer to be on standard time year-round, but I live in the South where we have more daylight year-round and don’t have quite the need to “save” it.

  2. I do not know what you have against DST, but I love it. You might wish to explain your gripe. I really doubt the “everyone” in your piece.

    1. I have nothing against DST or Standard Time. I do not, however, think it wise to change time twice a year. If you’d like to have DST all year that’s fine or Standard Time all year that’s good too. I just know that the changing of the time twice a year causes lots of problems especially for the elderly and, because more and more states and counties are refusing to change, for businesses and travelers. For those with young children and teenagers it disrupts their sleeping patterns which causes mood and performance changes. There really is no need to keep changing things, choose one and stick with it.

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