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Please go back and read some of my earlier blogs about disinformation; the need for a bogeyman; controlling the narrative and revisionism. If you do you’ll understand what is happening with the Georgia election law and the politics surrounding it. Controlling the narrative by creating the narrative is a psychological ploy often used by narcissists in controlling relationships with others. Think about it.

In this case some observers have broken down the Georgia election law point by point and compared it with the New York state election law; their findings are interesting. The Georgia law is actually more inclusive and provides greater voting opportunities than does the New York law. For example the Georgia law provides more early voting days than New York and the New York law has similar restrictions about electioneering at polling places. It’s been against the law for decades. It’s why bars are closed on election day.

I observed a debate between a defender and opponent of the Georgia law. The defender kept asking the opponent to provide one example of how the law was racially discriminatory. He asked for one example of how the law would prevent a person of color from casting a vote; she kept responding only that the law was racist. She couldn’t tell him how it was racist only that it was. Unable to provide a fact to bolster her argument she fell back on the classic narcissist defense of accusing others because they were in opposition to her position. The defender offered up the fact that the law makes no reference to color and that if it restricted any access at all it did so across the board regardless of the voter’s color, ethnicity or party of choice.

So, then the question becomes, why all the furor over the Georgia voting law. Answer: control the narrative by creating the narrative. If you don’t have something to attack your opponent about create something. Question everything, make accusations. If you know your history you’ll understand how these techniques have been used before. Your job is to identify such techniques being used and pursue the real facts. Read some of my earlier blogs for more examples.

Here is a technique that will help. When you identify an attempt to control the narrative shut off the messengers. If there are boycotts to be made here it should be about the messengers who are spreading the narrative. I know they say don’t shoot the messenger but if enough messenger-like people (read media) get the heave-ho from the public then they’ll look for other messages to convey. But remember, it isn’t enough to simply ignore the messages, you must actively work to prove them wrong and take action against those who create the narrative for the purpose of gaining and exercising authority over you. Don’t wake up one morning and discover you’ve allowed an authoritarian government to take control, for once ensconced authoritarian governments seldom go without revolution. Act now, beat them about the head and shoulders with the truth, expose the race baiters, challenge the false narratives, demand real world examples of their claims. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

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