In Memoriam

This is Memorial Day weekend wherein we remember those who gave all for the country. I have very many friends and acquaintances who fall into that category. One of the reasons I decided to leave the Air Force was I had become weary of putting on my class A’s and going to memorial services for fallen colleagues. By the time I had ten years in I had gone to twenty-three services for colleagues who died in some kind of aircraft related incident whether combat, test flight, or just a training flight. I will remember them and others with a toast to their willingness to do dangerous things.

But today I want particularly to remember Bailey, Jasper and Jake. You probably won’t have met any of the three but they were family dogs of my friends. Each was unique in their own dog-like way. Bailey was a visiting dog who, every Tuesday, would brighten the lives of the invalids at a local rehabilitation home. Jasper, the youngest of the bunch was just a happy go lucky spaniel breed who actually seemed to enjoy being tricked out with reindeer antlers or other holiday specific apparel. Now Jake, well Jake would go crazy when you visited his house. He would zoom around until he had smelled each and every and then he would end up in your lap. Yep, you had better like dogs if you visited Jake’s house.

For each of the families Bailey, Jasper and Jake had the qualities we seek in human beings. That’s the way it is with dogs. They love humans and like humans they can be exasperating at times. Every dog has its own personality and we adapt ourselves to them vice them adapting themselves to us. If a dog trusts you then you are ok in my book. If a dog doesn’t trust you rest assured I’ll keep my eye on you.

Those who love dogs and who are loved by dogs understand. Those who do not should really visit the local shelter and adopt one. Your blood pressure will go down, your mood will improve and you’ll find yourself stopping and talking to other people. It’s just a natural thing to do. Ever tried to take a cat for a walk?

So, anyway, this memorial day in addition to all those who gave full measure for the country, I’ll be remembering those who gave full measure for their families.

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