Fox Be Careful What You Say

In 1991 the Iraqi general staff watched CNN news constantly. By doing so they achieved not only updates on strikes, targets and future plans but the response of the U.S. public to what was happening in the Gulf War. Did CNN know they were being used as a source of information? Absolutely. I knew, they knew, the Iraqis knew. Did it have any impact on the outcome of the war? Again, absolutely.

Now Russia is lining up to invade Ukraine, does Fox know that it’s critical reporting is being watched closely by the Kremlin. They must. Does Fox realize that being as detailed as they are in their reporting they are helping the Russian and Belorussian intelligence services. If they do they don’t seem to care. As you know from my previous blogs I think the situation has and is being mishandled but by going into the detail that they are and by pointing out the weak actors in our government they are only encouraging Putin and his cohort to push further and harder. If Biden watched Fox News as assiduously as his international opponents he would know what he should have done and what he should be doing.

I’m struggling with freedom of the press versus achieving in the international arena. If everything you’re about to do is publicized on 24/7 cable networks can you really expect to achieve anything? Of course, this all goes back to having a strong president capable of handling dictators. Mr Biden curses at the press but seems incapable of making appropriate decisions regarding our international adversaries.

Fox, be careful what you say for sometimes the truth can be aid and comfort to the enemy. It is obvious to all the administration is failing; perhaps some of the details of plans or lack thereof do not need to be reported.

Next, I’m doing a blog that demonstrates how my 2012 novel “They’ve Crossed the Rubicon” has become fact. The Russians are winning and the Chinese are using their playbook to get into the game. I’ll tell you why.

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