It seems our national emblem is perpetually at half-mast or half-staff if you’re land based. Personally, I would rather fly the flag at full-staff in defiance of those who choose to cause a period of mourning. Yes, I understand lowering the flag to half-staff is a sign of respect but we’re showing so much respect to so many people that we have established an unending period of mourning, which is leading to a national depression further complicating things in an already disheartening period of our nation’s history.

The half-staff flag no longer reminds us of the person(s) for whom it is being lowered, but simply reminds us, almost daily, of the world turned upside down society in which we now live. Personally, I say run the flag back up to full staff and keep it there. Find another way to honor those fallen for, just as we never dip our flag to a head of state, we should never lower our flag to the perverse forces of collectivism, its violence and anarchy.

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