I Can Say it no more Strongly…

Those who follow my blog know that I attempt to remain even handed politically not calling out parties or individuals. I always try to stick with the facts and this political pontification quotes the facts I use in my analysis. Yet, it is still a strong polemic concerning recent actions by certain members of the government. WARNING: if you have a fondness for the current Congress you may be offended.

I fear for the republic. The enforcement arm of the IRS, which outside observers might well classify as a terrorist organization because of the tactics it employs, is being doubled in size: methane taxes on businesses (can individuals be far behind) are bing imposed; we will need to import “clean energy” devices from our number one economic competitor, government offices are being given the ability to create and enforce regulations on anything that may pertain to climate. All these items, and more, are contained within the “Inflation Reduction” bill which a number of independent sources, including ABC News, normally a staunch supporter of the Congress, say is a misnomer, for it will actually increase inflation. While the bill will increase taxes on everyone, what concerns me most is this bill hides within it the necessary powers to turn the U.S. government into a totalitarian entity where government controls all facets of life. Just like with the overuse of the Interstate Commerce Clause in the Constitution, this bill will allow Congress and agencies within the Executive Branch to dictate life in the U.S. For no great contortion of interpretation is needed for almost everything to touch upon climate and thusly, everything will be subject to the regulatory powers of bureaucrats.

Please do not think me an alarmist, but a government that will raid the personal residence of a former president on a fishing expedition; with a warrant granted by a judge based on no significant evidence other than we’re not sure everything was previously turned over; a media that applauds and endorses such actions while hiding behind what they think is an impenetrable journalist shield law; is capable of doing pretty much anything it wants; Constitution be damned. I am not one who would choose to pal around with Donald Trump but he had offered to allow federal agents the ability to come in with a subpoena and check whatever they liked. Instead they mounted a raid with criminal warrants. There is decidedly a political ploy being played out here. A government vendetta against an individual. It is not justice as it is supposed to happen.

Those of you who truly despise Trump will revel in such actions, but if they can do this to a former President what may they do to you? What will the doubled in number IRS agents do to you? Are you aware that the Capitol Police were authorized last year to open offices in states outside the National Capitol Area so that they might investigate threats to members of Congress? This is something the Secret Service was already doing. So, now the Capitol Police have offices in Florida and California. Why would Congress want to expand its police powers to the states? Are they going to investigate and intimidate people who speak out about members of Congress? Did you know the Capitol Police have put out position vacancies for their own “Prosecutors” who will have Department of Justice powers like Assistant Attorneys General, but will work in the Capitol Police offices? Opening offices in the states, and their own prosecutors, will turn Congress into a law enforcement agency since the Capitol Police are controlled by a three member board appointed by the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate. The Supreme Court has previously held that Congress may investigate anything that is within the purview of their legislative powers. Well, with the use of the Interstate Commerce Clause we discovered that Congressional legislative reach is pretty much everywhere. Thus, the eventual outcome of these actions is the Capitol Police will become a National Police Agency able to investigate, convene grand juries, indict and prosecute activity on anything upon which Congress has the authority to legislate. This is frightening because it could conceivably mean no law has to be in place for you to be investigated, subpoenaed, indicted and tried. It won’t be just threats to Congress. Given this police power, Congress could use such authorities against members of the other two branches of the federal government and against any citizen of any state.

All of this has occurred in the last two years and now we have a bill that will make anything that touches upon climate subject to Federal intervention. It effectively trumps the Bill of Rights. In the hands of people who seek power over the general good we have become a people ruled by the very people who are supposed to be working for us. I see a slew of Constitutional challenges in the Supreme Court’s future. But, and it is with great sadness I say it, I see more and more of our great Constitution being undone by power seekers who claim they are doing it in the name of the people.

Remember my simple extrapolations are based on stated facts and I make one assumption: if they do not intend to use the powers as I have suggested, then why pass them into law? “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said Lord Acton, referring to fifteenth and sixteenth century Popes. When you have power over everyday life, you have absolute power.

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