Look To History and You Will Find…

My wife says I need a positive beginning for this blog because it is so negative. So, how about this: If everyone will simply look to history, understand that it is repeating itself and begin to think and act for themselves, none of the terrible things I point out in this blog may happen.

Again, I want to remind you I was born and raised a Roosevelt democrat, but find today’s Democratic party more like those totalitarian parties of the 1920s and 30s. When I watched President Biden’s speech with its blood red backdrop, highlighted with the presence of Marine guards, I heard not just echoes, but verily the same rhetoric of Mussolini “Saving” the Italian Republic; of Adolph Hitler excoriating the Jews as a a clear and present danger; of the mullahs of Iran exhorting the Iranians to hate and rise up against the Great Satan. I heard Franco, Castro, Chavez and so many other dictators shouting about the clear and present danger only they could defeat.

The speech, deemed non-political, was,unreservedly, an attack on half the American population. The President could have substituted the words Jews and Communists for Republicans and you would have heard Adolph Hitler. People are afraid to make this comparison, but there it is. If you know history, and don’t delude yourself, this is exactly how the dictatorships that caused, and are causing, so much despair started. Not kinda or a little, but exactly!

People speak of the American dream but the American dream got sick and died under a succession of policies enacted to “help the poor and disadvantaged.” We created a society of dependency, when the American dream was conditional on individualism and work ethic. We allowed both to die under the ever increasingly authoritarian policies and regulations enacted by Congress and a bureaucracy that are more interested in continued power than actually creating a society wherein equal opportunity exists. But it isn’t equal opportunity that the Democrats strive for but equal outcome, and that is an impossibility unless the government is allowed to control every aspect of the society.

But don’t listen to me. Go on the internet and watch the speeches of Mussolini, Hitler, Castro and others. Pay attention to the mannerisms, listen to the words used, parse the theme which you will find is, we are under threat and only our party and I can save you. If individual democrats support this position then they have been sucked into the great vortex of authoritarianism. It makes them feel good because they believe they will be in charge. But like the German, Italian, Iranian, and Cuban, populations they will simply become drones to be ordered about, not allowed to think for themselves. But then they obviously aren’t thinking for themselves or they wouldn’t allow our current demagogue marionette to make such speeches. Journalists support this democratic agenda like much of the press did in the 20s and 30s. They obviously have no understanding of history in that they will be the first victims of authoritarianism, for in a totalitarian society a free press is anathema.

A government that uses the police powers of the state to attack political opponents and labels half its population as a clear and present danger, is a government not to be trusted. As I said earlier get out your history books, for the past is prologue. If people will tear themselves away from being told how to think; If they will do their own research and come to their own conclusions, we can overcome the demagoguery. Imagine if the Italians had rejected Mussolini or the Germans had supported the republic vice believing the lies of Hitler. What if the population had risen against Chavez? All these things could have been if people had only thought for themselves and then acted in their own best interests. So, like I said, study history and compare it to current events, then do not stay silent. Find others who are thinking for themselves and form action plans. Be positive, don’t give into the negative narrative, for those who control the narrative control history.

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  1. Hhmm…Speaking as an Independent, Tony I value and respect deeply your perspective on many issues and am staying open-minded, but I am surprised and disappointed that you assign the words of Democrats to the most abhorrent dictators of the world. If you take your perspective and look at many speeches and comments by Republicans (and most importantly, former POTUS Trump and his inner circle) over the past 10 years, they are completely in sync with and can easily be overlayed to the same horrendous dictators of some of the worst regimes of the past century. It scares me that you want to assign these perspectives to the Democratic party when it has been so painful to bear witness to the authoritarian and intensely exclusive and racially and socially biased views and policies put forth by Republicans. I miss the Reagan days of honor, decency, equality, dignity, inclusivity, global respect…the list goes on.

    1. Stepahnie, I also am disappointed, but I have been for a number of years. I see 51 otherwise bright people in the intelligence community either outright lie or themselves be misled on the Hunter Biden laptop issue and I understand that in reality it was just their efforts against Trump. Inscribed on the cornice of the OHB is “ye shall know the truth.” Well that wasn’t the truth it was a political deception on the part of people I thought were honorable. I see the big cities succumbing to crime and despair caused by the policies of my party yet they blame those failures on people not present but far away. I am a student of history and a participant in not a few covert influence operations. I did not write what I did in favor of Trump or anyone else. I only call attention to history and smart men like George Santayana, Eric Blair, Thomas Sowell et alia who correctly remind us that failing to learn from history can have catastrophic effects upon society. I am a pragmatist above all, eschewing idealism and theory for real solutions. I realize part of the problem is me, I voted for Hubert Humphrey and God help me, Jimmy Carter. Both nice men and both idealists. When I see black shirted Antifa in the streets burning buildings and Democratic Mayors instructing the police not to interfere in riots as in Baltimore, Portland and Seattle I sense the beginning of anarchy out of which dictators rise. When I hear a man calling 74 million (those who voted for Trump) of his fellow citizens a clear and present danger to democracy; when I watch his double-fisted mannerisms and hear the malice in his voice, as a student of history I am compelled to point out the similarities of his actions to those who have gone before. Just because people don’t like Trump doesn’t mean they should be blinded to the rise of other would be demagogs. Honestly, that speech could have been orchestrated by Leni Riefenstahl.

  2. If half of the population is fascist, we are doomed. I do not equate Republicans with Fascists, only those devoted to Trump. the would be Mussolini. Not only a fascist but a traitor.

    1. Kim, then that would b 74 million people but remember they are the people in black shirts in the streets burning cities. As for as being a traitor being an old CI officer I’d like to see the evidence. Facts not emotions.

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