Charles Should Abdicate

The headline says it all, Charles should abdicate in favor of William. If he really wants what is best for his country and kingdom he would retire to one of the castles in the hinterlands and allow William to head the royal family. Queen Elizabeth is an impossible act to follow and he isn’t the one to attempt it. He has far too much baggage, what with the Princess Diana debacle and the carrying on with Camilla.

He isn’t well loved, his isn’t overly bright, and he isn’t what the UK has become used to in a sovereign. For seventy years there has been a queen and now there is to be a King. People aren’t used to having a King. There’s a significant social difference of King versus Queen. Think about it; what you got when you had a queen on the throne that you knew and who was like a very correct aunt. Now you’re going to have a somewhat stooped old man with a checkered past making pronouncements.

Oh, and the currency, letter boxes and all sorts of other things must now be changed from ER to CR and done so at the costs of millions of pounds to the government. Then there will be the costs of the funeral ceremony and Charles’ installation as King. These cost more than royal weddings. They’ll barely get it done when Charles will pop off and it’ll have to be done again for his funeral and William’s installation.

He is 73 years old, and not thought of as either a wise or a caring man. Either of these traits might make him likable, but to many he is simply an adulterer who has never had any significant responsibility in his 73 years. Then there are those conspiracy theorists who believe he was in some way responsible for the death of Princess Diana. In addition to his having not so secret trysts with Camilla, while still married to Diana, there’s the whole Andrew scandal which is probably not yet finished for someone, somewhere, will eventually find and publish the documents associated with the Epstein case.

But consider this, Charles did exactly what Edward VIII had to abdicate the throne for, he married a divorcee and a commoner. Amazing how conveniently things change. Of course, the real reason Edward had to abdicate was he was in thrall to the NAZIs, and his wife thought Hitler was a great man. Edward was so besotted with Mrs. Simpson he would have done anything for her. That, in and of itself, would have made him unfit to be King, for a King’s first loyalty must be to his people.

Making Camilla Queen Consort will not sit well with very many Britons in that Princess Diana remains hugely popular among a significant portion of the population. Camilla is perceived as a home wrecker. If circulating stories about Harry’s tell-all book are true then Charles and Camilla could be the subjects of some very bad press early in their reign.

But if Charles were to abdicate in favor of William, the Kingdom would have a long-serving monarch of the current generation. William and Kate are well-liked, have no scandals in their closets and would bring a vitality to the monarchy that Charles cannot. Charles would go into retirement along with Andrew, Edward and Anne. Harry and Meghan would be sent back to the U.S. sans titles of any sort, to live their lives as they see fit, outside the monarchy. She could be a working actress styling herself as Rachel the actress once known as Princess. Harry could be a stay at home dad.

Just a thought on my part of how to extend the life of an institution already on life-support.

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