We are now openly talking about a Third World War. This talk is brought about by Russia’s failure in Ukraine and the unholy trinity of a Russia, China, Iran axis of action against Western sanctions. On the one hand the axis uses the talk as a threat against the West promising any such war would be a bloody one. They are correct, any world war with a dozen or more countries armed with both tactical and strategic nuclear weapons would essentially be a world ending war, for when one or more of the nuclear armed countries is about to lose its sovereignty there is a 99% chance they would use a nuclear weapon on the proximate enemy.

Note that such talk of a Third World War is being promulgated through the axis countries because they are, in essence, losing. China’s economy is beginning to stagnate from too rapid growth and the pull back of trade being caused by inflationary pressures in the West. Russia is losing in Ukraine and economically will begin to feel the pressure as Western Europe makes deals with other energy producers. Russia knows, that having used it energy resources as a hammer this time, that situation will never be allowed to develop again. The recent takeover of Russian owned refineries in Germany was unexpected by the Russians, and will significantly impair their profits.

Europe now understands that under the Putin regime Russia isn’t a to be depended upon economic partner. Iran teeters from internal pressure and will have to enforce even more authoritarian measures to maintain the ayatollahs in power. Since 1979 Iran has convinced its people to look outward by railing against the Great Satan and its allies who seek to do the country harm, but people are beginning to ask if the real threat isn’t from the inside.

Thus, the unholy trinity rattles the saber of a third world war as a threat and within that threat is the implied use of nuclear weapons.

The current U.S. administration seems confused about what to do. They continue to aid Ukraine but they also continue to talk about some kind of a deal with Iran. That the Iranian government was caught dead to rights orchestrating assassination attempts against two former American government officials seems somehow not important to them. They say they stand with The Republic of China, aka Taiwan, but take no action against Chinese provocations. Instead of building up a stronger defense they are more concerned with racial and social equity matters in the Department of Defense.

To threaten war is to bully and there’s only one way to handle bullies: stand up to them. But the stronger you are, the more you are, and the better equipped you are, when you take your stand the more chance you’ll have of backing those bullies down. The policies of the current administration seem not to have within them any thought about the external threats. All their efforts at social justice will go up in the flame of losing a war to the unholy trinity because we weren’t prepared to defend. So, open up drilling and become Europe’s supplier of POL and natural gas, impose economic sanctions on China, step up the sanctions on Iran and use intelligence assets to keep them from getting that material they need to become a nuclear force. Continue to support Ukraine but replace all supplied materiel with newer more potent weapons. In other words act like we’re the United States of American and we will deter war by our strength and the promise of desolation on those who would start such a war.

This, of course, is too complex an issue to be vivisected in a blog, but we have to start somewhere.

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