New Book Coming Out

Just a note to let my readers know I’m working with the publisher to get new book out before Christmas. Titled “The Two-Toned Hound Dog” it’s a book of dog stories somewhat atypical of the ones you find elsewhere. As with all my other books and speaking fees, profits go to St Jude and Shriners’ Hospital. A little further downline I’m going to record some of my earlier books as well as Hound Dog and they’ll be available as audible selections. I’ll let you know more when we near publication. It won’t be expensive and it’ll make an excellent stocking stuffer, especially if you have a dog person in your life or even if you don’t, because the stories have other plots. The new book will be on Amazon, BAM, Barnes and Noble and will be in selected book stores. Buy it, you’ll like it and you’ll help a child. Spoiler alert, all the stories have happy endings.

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