The More Things Change, The more They Stay the Same

Russia now wants you to believe they are about to become the aggrieved party in the war with Ukraine. The Ukrainians, the Russians claim are about to use a dirty bomb agains Russian forces. So, let’s take a look at the facts of this claim: The Ukrainians have not attacked Russian cities so any use of a radiological device would be within the international recognized borders of Ukraine. Such a use would pollute the environment of their own country, the very land the are fighting to retain. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Why would the Ukrainians use a radiological bomb when they know that’s exactly the excuse the Russian need to use an actual nuclear device? They wouldn’t.

So, what are the Russians up to. There are several scenarios possible including one of the oldest tricks in the book. The Russians will explode a small dirty bomb somewhere in occupied Ukraine and use that as an excuse to use a tactical nuclear device themselves. One the threshold is crossed they no longer need any new excuses. The Japanese used this method to start war with China in Manchuria in 1931, the Germans used a false flag attack to justify the invasion of Poland, Soviet Russia used a false flag attack, orchestrated by the NKVD, to justify the invasion of Finland in 1939. The Russians mounted false flag operations in the Crimea, Donetsk and are still doing so in Moldova.

Then, you should not be surprised if this eventuality materializes. I am more concerned, at the moment, with the Russian attacks upon the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine as we move into the winter months. Can you say genocide? The United Nations must declare Russia a pariah state and make it withdraw into itself. The U.S. must reopen its energy production and export that energy to Europe and Ukraine to avoid the humanitarian crisis the Russians are creating. Now is the time to lead. Please, somebody step up.

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