No, it’s not about the election, it’s about my fourth COVID shot. I may not have mentioned this before but I am the poster boy for medicine side effects. If there are side effects to a drug or vaccine I will experience them or at least a portion thereof. So, I received my fourth COVID shot yesterday and today I feel as though I have COVID. I’m hoping to feel better tomorrow but, if previous shots are any indication it may take until Friday or Saturday before I feel like being a human being again.

I do hope the vaccine is at least somewhat efficacious, for four shots times two or three days each time is simply too much time to be ill by choice. I was convinced to take this latest only because I have a 99+ year old mother in a nursing home and I, in no way, want to jeopardize her health by becoming a carrier.

I would write more but the letters seem wavy and double and my head hurts. A good Wednesday to all and a hope that you are not like me, a poster child.

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