Guilt is the foundation of all Western Philosophy. It is the heart of the Judaeo-Christian ethic and it is the cause of the problems our society is currently having with the Woke, Cancel, LGBQT, Race, and Social Justice movements. The very essence of each of these movements is to get you, the individual, to feel guilty because the members of these groups are somehow put upon victims of an uncaring society. Were it not for guilt we would go blithely on our ways telling these people their tactics were not working.

But they are working. They are working because your parents guilted you, your teachers guilted you, your coaches, band masters, team mates, girl/boy/whatever friends guilted you. Hell, the biggest purveyor of guilt was society itself. For society guilts everybody and everything: even racehorses. Dang you nag, you won your last three races why did you finish fourth in this one? And then the next reaction is “conspiracy.” It must have been a conspiracy to take people’s money. Now horses, being horses, cannot be guilted and that is perhaps a good thing, but the jockey, owner, trainer, stewards, well, if the shouting is loud enough perhaps there will be a racing commission enquiry which will, in an of itself, implies guilt. Now the punter may or may not be right about a conspiracy to take his money, it happens, but not so often as the bettors thing.

On the other hand those movements I mentioned before are verily conspiracies. They are designed to make you feel as if not supporting them makes you guilty of being less than you should be. Those are their tactics. They want to shame you publicly if you do not support them publicly. And if shaming doesn’t work they will attempt to destroy you. It is that simple. Still, just as the media convicts people headed to court well before the trial, they are complicit in the undertakings of the small mobs with the loud voices. The media will join in the public shaming almost as if they were parents, or teachers or teammates.

The secret is to be strong and fight back. Recognize the tactics and spurn them. Turn the guilt and shame upon those who would shame you. But don’t fight the movement or the idea, fight the individuals. This was good advice from Saul Alinsky and it is the tactics these groups are using. When you answer back do some homework first on the leadership of the movements. If they choose ad holmium attacks respond in kind. Attack the leaders for a snake without a head may move about but it doesn’t bite. There is no turning the other cheek here, for the very fabric of our society is at risk. Remember, they do not seek equality or acceptance, justice or acknowledgement. They seek only one thing, POWER and their weapon is guilt.

Engage, because bullies don’t like being confronted, especially in public. You are not bound by any code other than that your opponent chooses. There was a movie line that is applicable here. Something along the lines of, if he pulls a knife you pull a gun. Do not engage in proportional response. When you have the opportunity destroy your opponent.

I’m normally an even tempered sort but if I see someone being assaulted I will enter the fray, especially if the odds aren’t even. The only thing necessary for evil to win is for good people to do nothing.

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