All around us controversy swirls. Everything, we are now told, is a symbol of white male supremacy and must be abolished. Language, government, gender identification, sexual preference, schooling; if it exists in society it is a remnant of white male supremacy and must be scrubbed from existence and replaced with… Replaced with what? Is order the result of white male supremacy? Well, it is the result of the compact of democracy we established in 1789 and again in 1791 with the affirmation of the Bill of Rights. Were there predominately white males doing the negotiating? Yes. Were there predominately white males who fought to throw out the British and the Spanish? Yes. Does the order that exist stem from the actions of these white males? Yes. Was it predominately white males who codified language usage? Yes. Was it white males who wrote the laws? Yes.

So, the advocates of chaos propose to throw out whatever was the result of white male efforts. They have no idea with what they will replace those efforts, only that if it is associated with white males it must be discarded. This is the very definition of anarchy. Thus, the people who have rebelled against all that is the result of white male undertaking are simply anarchists who propose chaos. History has shown us, time and again, that order will result from chaos but 99.9 percentof the time that order is achieved by authoritarian forces who, by might, establish a system through which society is controlled. There will be no sending representatives to a congress of the people, nor laws written for the people. There will be only laws written by the few in charge of the forces of order. For those who are unfamiliar with order from chaos, I suggest you read the history of the Russian revolution, the Chinese revolution, the Cuban revolution, the Civil War in Spain, and the fall of the Weimar Republic in Germany. In each of these cases, governments and societies were overthrown because they had been allowed to descend into a chaos aided and abetted by foreign entities. In each case the chaos was replaced by an authoritarian government. Two of those governments remain in place while a third, thought to have become democratic, has once more fallen into authoritarianism run by an autocrat. It took a world war to dislodge one and the other, thankfully, did not survive its dictator.

If you want to avoid an authoritarian government then you must resist the forces of anarchy before they create chaos. You must turn out those in the government who champion the ideas of anarchy by allying themselves with the anarchists; you must openly challenge the proponents of the ideas that order, language, government and societal practices should be abolished simply because they were created by a particular group. Your challenge is: “You do not like what we have, so with what do you propose to replace it? Do you realize that this is the most diverse nation in the history of the world? It has more religious and personal freedoms than any other country ever.”

Those who stand idle and do not take up the challenge will be as responsible for the fall of the greatest nation to have existed, as those who actively call for chaos.

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