The words and actions I observe from our “elected” members of Congress concern me. Their actions are like surrogate wars fought during the cold war and to say that a civil war exists in the United States is to understate the actuality of the situation. These battles are as vicious as Antietam and Chancellorsville and, like then, the cost is to America as a whole.

If a serious charge has been made it should be investigated if only to stop rumors from snowballing and causing downline problems of major proportion. But Congressmen in Do-Rags, Congresswomen shouting statements that are untrue and a Congressman shouting that Donald J. Trump should be more thoroughly investigated, do not make for a Bi-Partisian investigation.

The reason for this is simple: our so-called elected representatives no longer have the good of the nation as their number one priority. Rather, party loyalty is the battle flag they follow. Like the battles of the not so civil war this damages the United States and lends comfort to the enemies thereof.

The air on Capitol Hill has become “a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours” and surely as in Hamlet’s Denmark, the U.S. Congress is festering with moral and political corruption. Would that the electorate could change this but unelected political forces coupled with an activist media have all but forestalled any such eventuality. If there is a silent majority it is time for it to find its voice, overturn the media kings and elect individuals who truly represent their electorate and not their party or themselves. Then we would be guided by Thoreau’s admonition, “That government is best which governs least;” 


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