In case you didn’t get it, the title is a contraction of balloon and loonies. That’s the theme for today. It was the theme last week for all the news channels and the government. What? Why? From where? Oh, My God!!

The attack of the balloon people pulled back the curtain on a dysfunctional government. Not that we needed this particular curtain pulled back to know the administration was dysfunctional but this one is prima facie evidence that this administration cannot be trusted with national security. One: our defense radar does not pick up large slow moving targets. Two: weapons release authority no longer resides with the Four-Star General in charge of defense of North American airspace. Three: the White House and Department of Defense can’t make an informed decision quickly allowing the moment to overtake them. Four: the White House is more concerned about what China thinks than what the American public thinks. Five: media types continue to cover for poor decision making on the part of the White House by creating excuses for non-actions. Six: The White House remains completely silent on details of the Chinese spying effort demonstrating a fear and weakness to engage. Seven: the American public isn’t loud enough in its questions about why are we not engaging with the Chinese over a gross violation of US airspace. Eight: If the Chinese spy balloon was not powered it should have tracked south from Montana to Arizona, then east to Texas, then north to Iowa and Michigan, then east to New England departing the U.S. over Maine. Those were the winds at altitude last week. It didn’t. Why not? Nine: instead it tracked over several nuclear missile sites, a nuclear bomber base and near enough to Oak Ridge, TN to observe the site where nuclear devices are fabricated. Ten: Why haven’t we heard more about the other balloons. Could it be the administration is embarrassed because they shot down weather balloons at a cost of $1.5 million dollars?

So, you see the whole operation looks like a Warner Brothers cartoon and is deserving of the call-sign Balloonies.

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