Sad Day for the Republic

I am not a personal fan of former President Trump, but I have to admit that yesterday was a sad day for the Republic. We allowed an individual to confirm our status as a Banana Republic. Had former President Trump actually committed a crime I would be the first to shout indict him, but he has not been indicted for a crime. He has been indicted by a political operative of the collectivists in order to attempt to short-circuit his 2024 candidacy for the Presidency.

In fact what happened yesterday has now set a legal precedent for indicting former presidents for crimes they allegedly committed before they became president. It also sets the precedent for a local instrumentality to indict for crimes that are federal in nature. So, no one should be surprised in 2025 if the current President, assuming his is judged mentally competent to stand trial, is indicted for bribery and other crimes by a local instrumentality in Florida or South Carolina.

Once the genie is out of the bottle it is next to impossible to get it back in, just as squeezed toothpaste must be washed down the drain. The Manhattan District Attorney has released an evil Jen upon the country. He should have given some thought to the fact that in history when an evil Jen is released the first to perish at the Jen’s will is he who uncorked the bottle.

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