On the Nature of Things

This is the season of things which have appeared lifeless being restored. It is the nature of things, yet we are grateful when it occurs. We know it will happen but during winter deep we often find ourselves in the profundity of despair.

Would that such reoccurring of morals and ethics might bloom again but. alas, the nature of human nature is such that those who study such have discovered that while many would like to think that morals and ethics rise from human nature they do not. Morals and ethics are part of an agreement that humans make with one another so that an orderly society may exist in a peaceful manner. Morals and manners must be, by common consent, imposed on human nature which is by its inherent essence a culture of survival of the fittest. As with other animal species the weakest are preyed upon by the strongest and, if necessary, sacrificed to the outside predators that prey upon the species.

Thus, while we are thankful for the resurrection of seemingly lifeless things each year we should not expect our moribund morals and ethics to bloom again without the imposition of a commonly agreed upon societal structure. If our ordered society continues its descent into anarchy then an annual resurrection of other things will have no importance.

An how, you ask, is the resurrection of morals and ethics achieved? They will bloom from an insistence upon individual responsibility and that is attained by each person living a moral life and insisting, in interaction with others, that such societal norms as found in a moralistic community be observed. It is simple in action. In other words, treat others as you would be treated. It is that simple. Resist the urge to treat them as they treat you. If each individual who desires the return of morals and ethics acts in this manner it will happen. So, rather than praying for intervention by a deus ex machina ,make it a DIY effort.

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