Tweet, Ever Noticed That’s The Sound a Whistleblower Makes

Tweet, Tweet!!! We now have whistles being blown in all our ears such that it is difficult to determine from whence the sound emanates. There are the twenty plus FBI whistleblowers on the House Judiciary list; there’s a former White House Stenographer who claims to have evidence that President Biden colluded with Ukraine and members of Congress to provide Burisma $50 million just days after they put Hunter on their board; there’s Michael Cohen who claims he engaged in a criminal act on behalf of former President Trump; there’s Stormy Daniels whose picture has appeared on the front page of the New York Times more times than she did pornographic movies; and the latest is the seventeen year old who tells us he knows the name of the leaker of the Pentagon documents but isn’t going to tell.

Trying to sort out who is telling the truth, who’s simply misinformed, and who is flat out lying shouldn’t be very hard. Just ask the media, they have it figured out. The FBI and the former stenographer are patently lying while Michael and Stormy are as solid as George Washington and the cherry tree, and we all remember what the real story there is. You don’t? Well the real story is there is no real story. It’s made up.

As for telling the truth, why has no one but the FBI whistleblowers and the stenographer had polygraphs? You know I haven’t seen either Stormy or Michael or anyone, outside the people who had to have them as part of the agreement to work in the FBI or White House, even suggest taking a polygraph. While not admissible in a court of law polygraphs are used daily to rule out suspects in criminal cases. Why shouldn’t they be used in civil cases as well?

In the case of the FBI and White House whistleblower we should give credence to the fact these people have had polygraphs. The next step for the person who claims to know the identity of the leaker is, in fact, a polygraph, which are routinely used in counterintelligence cases to ensure the individual is being truthful about having fully cooperated. He doesn’t seem to understand that the FBI will find the leaked documents on his hard drive, even if he tried to delete them, unless, of course, he has bleached and then hammered them as some previous malefactors did. But they will find the documents and he will be in violation of 18 U.S.Code Chapter 37 subsection 793 (b) (c) (d). That’s a lot of years in jail, but hey, he’s young.

As a former overseer of investigations, just offering a person a polygraph interview can be a very telling experience. Everyone has the option of not taking a poly, even those whose job depends upon it, because no one can be coerced into self-incrimination. Certainly those who position depends upon it will lose that position and it won’t stop the overall investigation into their activities. But, you know, polygraphs are actually quite easy. Just relax and tell the truth.

All in all we have some very interesting times upon us. Best be about stomping out the vineyard and seeing if we get wine or vinegar.


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