The Essence of Magic

We are amazed at what good magicians can make us believe and much of that is because we suspend our skepticism and buy into the entertainment the magician provides. In other words we know it isn’t magic but it seems so, well, magical. But all magic is based upon one principle: Misdirection. There are multiple expressions about right hand, left hand things, like, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. In the case of magic the magician wants you to watch his left hand while his right hand does something else. They want you to focus on something that is not associated with the mechanics of the “Trick” they’re performing.

Misdirection isn’t just used in magic tricks, it has become a staple of politics and governing. If you concentrate on pronouns, transgenderism, equity vice equality and so forth, you are being misdirected. What are the politicians doing with their right hands while their verbal patter and left hand are riling people about non-issues. Just as in watching a magician you can either suspend disbelief and become emotionally involved in the act, as in “Amazing.” or you can watch the right hand and put your fingers in your ears so as not to be distracted by the incessant patter of the magician’s pitch. If you do that, you’ll start to pick up on what is actually happening in the country. Things like judges being nominated to the bench who have no knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. A nominee to head the FAA whose only experience with aviation was to run the concessions at the Denver airport. Another judge who had no idea about a Brady request. Scads of others who profess and chant the mantra of bringing down the white supremacists.

Yep, don’t be fooled by the left hand. Look at what the right hand is doing.

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