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Should another party win the Presidency in 2024 it might be prudent to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Department of Justice and the FBI before any new appointments are made. Perhaps even two Special Counsels should be appointed to review the handling of cases and the politics of the various members of the offices within the DoJ and FBI.

The problem with government is, it has gotten too big and collectivist moles have burrowed into the decision making bureaucracies that set policy and make ex cathedra announcements about how citizens should conduct themselves. Homeland Security, the Department of the Interior and certainly the Environmental Protection Agency should be investigated for the promulgation of regulations without Legislative input. We have gotten to the stage in this country where there are more regulations than there are laws. Somehow the bureaucrats of the various executive agencies seem to believe themselves to be equal to, and in some cases, superior to the Legislature. Any regulations should grow out of laws not the minds of politically focused bureaucrats.

Yes, were I elected President I would hold all political appointments until the problems of the bureaucracy had been specified by Special Counsels and then I would appoint people to clean out the bureaucrats, recall regulations and put in place procedures where regulations could not be issued without an enabling law.

I would also move the majority of the government agencies out of the District of Columbia and surrounding environs. The Department of the Interior should go to the interior. The Department of Agriculture should go to the Great Plains, The Department of Justice and other departments should be moved into the Central Time Zone. This would tie the East Coast and West Coast closer together. In fact I would change the time zones so that there were only three instead of four, getting rid of the Mountain Time Zone. These are antiquated zones based on train time tables from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Lots of things to do but the most important is to put the bureaucrats back in the tube, bottle or lamp, whichever you prefer.

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  1. Let me know when you are running 🙂 I suspect I may vote for you even against more worth opponents then those currently about.

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