Was Not!! Was Too!!

I’m intrigued by the response of the former FBI officials to the release of the Durham report. One says it was an illegal investigation, another that it should never have happened, but both were complicit in the actions that set the investigation in motion. That neither was indicted for conspiracy or violation of the Hatch Act is interesting since Durham proves the actions the FBI took were decidedly political in nature. But now we have these former FBI officials taking victory laps waving the imaginary checked flag in the air. That both are out of the reach of the Bureau for further disciplinary actions is a shame but it should be abundantly clear to the public that these individuals did interfere in the conduct of a national election and should not, in the future be trusted.

As Nietzsche said:l “I ‘m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” and further, “No one is such a liar as the indignant man.” And these are indignant men. They are indignant not that their veracity was questioned but that they were caught lying. Let that be their legacy. They put themselves above the law and tried to write their own laws. That they were caught is only because their candidate did not win the election. This is the hope of all who interfere in elections. If my candidate wins I won’t be caught out, and if they lose then who really cares? The answer is, the public cares, or at least we should care, for having lied in this matter then we, the public, must ask, when else were they lying, for lying is a personality trait. Perhaps it is time they were called in for a polygrpah interview about their careers.

Think about it. It’s an important topic.

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