Move Quickly, Don’t CYA, Act!!!

To Mr. Blinken, and President Biden. You know that six billion dollars you freed up for Iran? Refreeze it now. You know how you traded hostages? Don’t do it again. You know how your intelligence services failed to see this coming? Fire the leaders and get some experienced people back into the services and penetrate those organizations. Somebody, somewhere in your government has too much liking for the Iranian Theocracy and you need to weed them out now. Between what your administration and the Obama administration did to embolden the theocrats of Iran we’ll be fighting an entirely new war on terrorist proxies for decades.

Terrorists are bullies and the only way to defeat bullies is to DEFEAT them. The ultimate sponsor of Hamas and Hezbollah is Iran. Take Iran away and they’ll have to get their money, training and weapons from somewhere else. But your administration has done nothing but encourage Iran and when Iran has a nuclear weapon the entire Western world will be a hostage.

Leaders of both Hamas and Hezbollah have acknowledged Iran’s Revolutionary Guard participation in the attacks on Israel so let’s not have Mr. Blinken doing a rope a dope trying to CYA by saying the U.S. doesn’t have any proof of Iran’s complicity. He only makes your administration look more foolish and impotent.

Would you like to estimate how many Hamas and Hezbollah operatives have crossed the open Southern border? More than few would be an underestimation. How many agents of other foreign governments? How many murderers, rapists and gang members?

Best be about fronting the bad guys for a change. Why is it Idealists keep getting us into wars we don’t want to fight?

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