Who Knew?

I have written extensively in this blog about the power of propaganda and if you watch TV, listen to the radio or read the New York Times and other papers who represent the Collective movement (aka Progressive or Democratic Socialist) then you’re seeing propaganda in its most dynamic mode. What is interesting is how fast this propaganda was generated, not just in the U.S. but around the world. You don’t see propaganda you say, hang on, 1) the violence in Israel is the fault of Israel. Not just Israeli policies but the very existence of Israel. “Death to the Jews!” yell the demonstrators in Times Square and elsewhere. 2)There must be an immediate ceasefire so the innocents of Gaza do not suffer. 3) Israel is engaged in genocide against the Palestinians and, in truth, against all Muslims. 4) America supports the Palestinian genocide and is anti-Muslim. 5) It isn’t duplicitous for Hamas to kill civilians in Israel and decry the loss of civilian life in Gaza. 6) et cetera, et cetera

I noted how fast these propaganda purveyors were able to turn on the spigots and I ask: How did they know something was coming? Who knew? One answer is that they are so anti-Israeli that the spigot was already on. This is probably true. But the effort seems so well coordinated that it is impossible not to think that planning and action beforehand must have been involved. This should be investigated in the U.S. by the Department of Justice. If there were those who knew of the planned assaults then they are complicit in murder and terrorism and should be prosecuted. Additionally, Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government and those who have been raising funds that are channeled to Hamas should be arrested and prosecuted for support for and to terrorism. Yes, the first amendment protects the rights of those who want to voice their support for Hamas but it does not protect direct or even indirect financial support.

I mentioned yesterday about the Southern border. As well planned as this operation was there are likely more than a few Hamas and Hezbollah operatives already in the country. Does Homeland Security have any idea where any of these people are? The answer is no they don’t. As citizens we should be demanding to know why not. Where are our elected representatives. They are castigating those who would kill the innocents of Israel and calling for support but they are doing nothing vis a vis our porous souther border or the estimated 11 million illegals who have entered the country since January 20, 2021. Why not? They get in front of the camera gesticulate and enunciate but then they evaporate. Getting a law passed that benefits hard working citizens is like finding Waldo.

Beware as well for the statements of the elected officials are, in themselves, just another form of propaganda. When you make promises you have no intention of keeping or know that you can’t keep, it’s propaganda. In the U.S. these days discovering the truth is almost impossible because there is so little of it out there.

We can discuss the validity of Israel and Palestine some other time. Right now we have to pay attention to what is being orchestrated by other countries with Gaza as just a proxy for a greater effort. Wait until you hear the speeches in the UN Security Council. If I wrote such words in one of my novels I would be accused of anti-semitism, hate speech, being a racist and certainly someone would call me a NAZI. That, however, will not happen in the UN where propaganda of the worst sort is promulgated daily. They call it political rhetoric but it’s really propaganda.

So, once again we must rouse to action and shout down those who would convince us their propaganda is truth, while demanding our elected officials take action to hold accountable those will not investigate and prosecute supporters of terrorist groups. They should also demand an investigation into who knew. If the DoJ can investigate Catholics as potential terrorists they should certainly be able to look at the supporters of Hamas.

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