If Israel Falls the Kingdoms are Next

If Israel falls then the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Jordan will fall next as they will be surrounded by Iranian/Russian backed governments. Make no mistake that the Hamas intifada is encouraged and financed by the Theocracy of Iran. Yemen to the South, Syria, Hezbollah controlled Lebanon to the West and North and Sudan to the West. One of the reasons Jordan isn’t taking Palestinian refugees is its total population is currently dominated by Palestinians who outnumber the Hashemites (the Jordanian tribe of Arabs).

Jordan’s only hope is to keep the Palestinians in Gaza and in a diaspora elsewhere for the country is slowly becoming Palestine or I should say the country is being overrun with Islamic arabs who claim to be Palestinians. And that raises a question no one seems to want to ask. Just what is a Palestinian? They attempt to lay claim to the same type of ancient history of the Jews but the facts do not support such a claim. Are they descendants of the Philistines who were identified as part of the “Sea People” whose invasions helped end the Bronze Age. But if they claim such history there is no continuity after 650BC when the Philistine culture died out. Thus they cannot establish the same credentials as the Jews who are the only people living in the same place, speaking the same language and worshiping the same god they did three thousand years ago.

What Palestinians really are is a group created in the 1950s and 60s by the Arab nations as a mythical ancient people entitled to the land of Palestine. Interestingly, if you look at maps of the ancient states of the Middle East then you will discover that the area known as Philistia (the home of the Philistines) is today’s area known as Gaza. Thus, if the argument is the Palestinians are descendants of the Philistines and demand the return of their homeland, they got it. Philistine never conquered any other territories while the area of today’s Israel was, at the time of David and Solomon, part of the kingdom of Israel. No, the Palestinians are a political myth created to contest the land with the Jews of Israel. That no other Arab nation will accept the “Palestinian” refugees is proof that the Palestinians must be kept as the pawns they are in the chess game of the Islamic states against Israel.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan do not want a Palestinian Caliphate in the Crescent. They particularly don’t want one under the influence of Iran and Russia. Still, Iran plays a dangerous game, for while they may be on the cusp of creating a nuclear weapon they do not yet have one while the Israelis do and, more importantly, they have the ability to deliver those weapons on target. Faced with any type of annihilation it is more than likely Israel would use nuclear weapons against Iran. They won’t use them in Gaza for a number of reasons which we need not discuss here but make no mistake they will go down fighting and if it appears they may lose then Tehran and Qom will disappear. Yes, they will be a pariah of the world but then they pretty much are already. In for a penny in for a pound as the British would say.

Personally, I would prefer an immediate negotiated cease fire with the return of all hostages by Hamas. I would then set Mossad loose and take out the responsible Hamas fighters one by one. People who commit atrocities the likes of which occurred on October 7th cannot be allowed to remain free and in this case I have to admit that the Old Testament justice, an eye for an eye, etc should be in play. I’m a law and order man but sometimes the law fails you.

Now back to the beginning: you would think the Saudis and Jordanians can see downline far enough to recognize the danger this situation presents for their kingdoms. That said they should arrange to assist Israel in putting down the Iranian backed efforts to establish a Palestinian caliphate. They already don’t get on with Syria, Yemen or Hezbollah in Lebanon, why then would it be too big a step, perhaps even covertly, to assist the Israelis against the joint enemy Iran? Why indeed?

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