Evil vs. Good

I had intended to write a short monograph on leadership, but the event in Sutherland Springs, Texas needs a comment. I’m familiar with Sutherland Springs from 1969, when it was on the northern edge of our bailout area at Randolph AFB. There were plenty of open fields surrounding the area, and open fields are what you’re looking for if you’re about to let your jet aircraft crash into the ground while you take a nylon escalator down.

Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Egoists and Egotists

As I ponder the content of various media news outlets, I’m struck by how many people I note who display more than a few traits associated with psychopaths, sociopaths, egoists, and egotists. As a former case officer who had to assess and manipulate all personality types, I see these traits not only in the people who are making the news, but in those who ostensibly report the news.