Back in Action

Been down for a long while what with surgery and a long illness but back in the saddle. Had a really good response from people who attended my talk at Sewanee during the reunion weekend. Sold close to a hundred books the proceeds of which went to the Class of ’69 Scholarship Fund for deserving students. Interestingly though it was a standing room only presentation and received glowing reviews the U hasn’t asked me to do another one. Since I do them for free it makes it even more interesting.

I’ve completed a few short stories holed up in my thinking chair including one, “Let’s Make a Deal” about the Devil franchising the purchase of souls. It’ll be in my next collection of short stories.

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  1. Glad you are back writing. I have read your books and enjoy your blog. I was an English. speech and drama teacher at McCollum High School back in your dark ages time. Sybil Arnold

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