Masked Robbers

When I was a child we had cowboy movies galore and we always could tell the good guys from the bad guys since the bad guys accommodatingly wore masks when they robbed the stagecoaches and banks.  But then there were always the corrupt bankers and politicians who were in charge of the “bad guys” and they never wore masks so you didn’t peg them as bad deed doers until the end of the film when they were figuratively unmasked by the hero.

Well, we have finally reached a stage of society where the bad guys in charge are wearing masks.  When I look at the Corona Virus, Wuhan Virus, Chinese Virus, Covid-19 Virus (take your pick) Relief legislation and see the add-ons politicians have attached I find it fitting and proper that each of those who voted for this transfer of wealth is wearing a mask signifying their highwayman status.  “Stand and deliver” they demand.  “Empty your wallets, mortgage your future.  We need your money to buy votes.  We’ll have your jobs but not to worry we’ll give you a small hand out from other people’s savings.”

Yes it is fitting and proper that they are wearing masks.

One thought

  1. HA! Very well put! If it looks like a snake, it’s probably a snake. Just hard for me to believe that people would go to the extremes that they have, just because they didn’t get their way! After all, isn’t it called a democracy?

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