And Not An Aunt’s Sister Among Them

The news just isn’t the news anymore without leaks about Harry and William and that American tart who stole Prince Harry’s heart. Then there are the Fashion pages that explain just how Princess Catherine makes a $100 dress look regal. And don’t forget the ongoing derring-do exposes of how the Queen and Princes Charles conspired against poor Princess Di. Days of Our Lives and General Hospital have nothing on the Royal Family.

On the whole though, I think it may be time for the aristocracy to book space on a blazing Viking vessel sailing westward into the Irish Sea. Although such a trip might cut severely into the tourist trade in England.  I mean if there’s no changing of the guard or the possibility of a glimpse of royalty why go to London, other than to step off the curb and be done in by a red bus going the “wrong” way.  And then, of course, who would hand out those ever so endearing pieces of medal and ribbon during Honors time twice a year? 
         Perhaps the monarchy would have more meaning if they elected a King instead of having primogeniture succession.  That could get to be a real item.  Think of the world attention, the betting and so forth. Scads of tourists and money rolling in during the election. I’m giving four to one, four to one, Ladies and Gentlemen.  But maybe it would be so close it would just be a pick’em kind of race.  And then you could have intrigue after intrigue to get rid of the current king so you could have another election and more world attention, not so often that you would lose the novelty but often enough.  For example; if things weren’t going well for the government you could oust the king and have another election to occupy the populace and fill the coffers of state.  Yes, I think electing the King would be a great and needed change.  And of course, when the king died all those he had appointed to Duchies and such would lose their positions so that the new king could sell those appointments to support himself thereby easing the strain on the treasury. There would no doubt be a tax on those sales so the government itself would profit munificently from this new paradigm of the diadem.
         Let them take counsel from the church wherein prelates and princes are chosen by election, but further that process in allowing it to be a popular vote not of constituencies but of constituents.  A Welsh king, a Scottish king, a king from Northern Ireland, take that you English.  
         Yes, either a family-plan booking on a prowed ship into the night or allow those ruled to choose the ruler.  Either works for me. How about you?

By the way Kudos to those of you who understand the title. Here’s a hint, Well I’ll be jiggered… by Jove. And of course, all of this is tongue in cheek.


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