Are You Being Used?

In a planned operation to bring down a government you have a central core of activists, some of whom are overtly acting on behalf of an “Idea”  around which the actions of the group will ostensibly be crafted in opposition to an existing power structure. You also have a group of activists whose participation is kept secret and who will act covertly as either agents of influence or agents who create chaos by ostensively opposing the “Idea” being promulgated by the organization.  The latter is to generate a sympathetic reaction for the group, idea and perhaps individual members of the group.  There are, of course, those responsible for seeking both overt and covert funding for actions the group plans and executes.  

This is a socio/political operation and its stated goal is to attain the “Idea” of social, judicial, racial equality, or whatever,  when the actual goal of the movement isn’t the stated “Idea” but is actually to achieve and hold power over the populace, the movement is a conspiracy. Now, one of the operational goals of any organized effort to change the government is to achieve the unwitting support of legitimate groups who support achieving the declared “Idea” of the core opposition group.  In the case of our current events that “idea” is “Social Justice.”  Note that social justice is never actually explained but exists more as a gauze-like emotional concept that is difficult to grasp. It is an emotion chosen to exploit the sense of decency of individuals and most especially the societal guilt complex that has been nurtured in the US over the past century by a variety of political groups who use the same tactics to advance their agendas.

If you research BLM you will find that it is, at the heart of its leadership, a Marxist organization.  Patrisse Cullers, the number two in BLM has stated that she and the number three Alicia Garza are trained Marxists.  BLM has engaged in overt blackmail of a number of corporate entities by threatening them with crowd action against their offices, products and personnel unless the movement receives both vocal and financial support.  

 Antifa is simply the US action group of a Marxist/Communist organization developed in Germany. Antifaschistische Aktion known as Antifa for short, was the post WWII Communist reaction to de-Nazification in Germany and flourished in those cities controlled by the French during occupation. It was a direct outgrowth of the German Communist Party which, after WWI, had set up a self-governing Soviet Republic in Munich. Antifa functioned as an adjunct for COMINTERN actions to overthrow the democratically elected government of West Germany.   It claims to be anti-fascist not anti-totalitarian because we must always remember that it doesn’t matter whether you take the left turn or the right turn to get there the destination of totalitarianville looks the same upon arrival.

So BLM wants “Social Justice” but it does not tell you that to have their idea of Social Justice you must embrace Marxism in the US.  Social Justice is just the rallying call.  Antifa tells you they want to fight Fascism as represented by our current political structure, particularly the police forces but they don’t tell you that what they really want is to replace the government of the U.S. with a Marxist regime.  So, both groups have rallying cries that resonate with certain segments of the population, but the truth is very much different than that presented to the public by the media.  Thus, the effort is to gain power through the use of subterfuge, violence and ridicule of those who oppose. 

The most efficient tactic in subversion is emotion. Ha, you thought it was logic but it isn’t.  Anti-American operatives achieved the storming and burning of two US diplomatic compounds in 1979 simply through the use of rumor spread through people to people contact in Libya and Pakistan.  The US, the agitators said, were responsible for the takeover of the Holy Mosque in Mecca (it was actually a group of radical islamic Libyans).   For all the education and enlightenment in the world emotion controls the majority of actions.  In the Judaeo-Christian oriented U.S. the two most useful emotions are guilt and anger.  Shame used to be a component but in the last century it began to become less so as social mores morphed.

Planners in subversive groups will construct activities that use these emotions to create changes in both non-member individuals and groups.  Thus, if you make a group of Anglo-Saxons feel guilty they will respond by doing or saying something that plays into the hands of the subversives making them more acceptable to mainstream America. One of the most successful methods of creating emotional response in a group is to attack history.  History cannot fight back and if you create a mindset that history as it’s currently remembered is wrong and you get to write the new historical narrative you achieve that which Orwell warned us about.  You achieve power and control.  That is what is happening today in the U.S. For example the current Presentism attack on the Confederacy which has now become a metaphor for the entire South from 1619 through 2000. This particular attack on history is an assault on a culture that was gone with the wind by 1865 and in which, during its existence, had only six percent of the population in the now detested “Planter class.” The other ninety-four percent of store owners, laborers, professionals and such are being denigrated by their geographic habitation. As I said earlier, they cannot defend themselves. and those who would rise to their defense are battered and shouted down as racists to the point where the noun racist seems to have become simply an invective of hate rather than a description of behavior.

Thus, BLM and Antifa have a whole host of “Villains” against which they can raise their fists and who cannot stand against them. But it isn’t enough that they condemn history, they insist that you too, engage with outrage against a defenseless group of not just villains but actual evil-doers as defined by 21st century mores. If you don’t, you have sided with the evil-doers. Since it is always easier just to go with the flow than it is to stand in opposition and say “Wait, what exactly is happening here?” many consent through silence and some pay lip service to the idea of Social Justice even though they really don’t know what it means. Is this you, dear Reader? Have you done nothing, or even worse have you done something that makes legitimate the concept of disparaging defenseless people and tearing down the Republic. That is what is meant by being “used.” Although you may be intelligent you are known in the stock and trade of subversive work as being “a useful idiot,” and if you profess a modicum of belief in the issue, “a fellow traveler.”

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. ” This is Saul Alinsky’s thirteenth rule; and when it is combined with his fifth rule, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defenseit infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage,” you have the plan of operations for both BLM and Antifa. But they must choose a target that cannot or will not fight back, and they must achieve a complicit or at least a compliant media . This has happened in 2020 and we are beset with internal plots designed not to achieve justice but to disrupt and, if possible, tear down the constitutional republic concept of the government and replace it with an oligarchy based on Marxist principles wherein the plotters become rulers and get to tell you what Justice means, social and otherwise. There is a reason the Oath of Office for U.S. Government officials includes the phrase, “…against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Do not lose yourself in the ephemeral goal of the outcry of the mob for “justice.” Seek to know the real goals of those who want you to uphold their ideas and enable their “crusade,” and use logic, vice emotion, for your reasoning. Its time to turn Toto loose and look behind the curtain. Do not let them send you after witches’ broomsticks just to occupy your time so you won’t be around asking difficult questions. Go ahead, pull that curtain back but don’t be surprised when you don’t find a jolly, benevolent, well-intentioned but bumbling magician. Go ahead, put Toto on the floor. Are you being used?

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  1. I found this an extremely good description of what is going on. This was the second time I read this post. I had already gotten it but this took me out to your blog and I wanted to see if this leave a reply actually let me leave a comment.

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