A Truly Scary Observation

The wearing of masks has given each of us a unique opportunity. How so, you ask. Well, with the mouth and nose covered attention is directed to the eyes and we no longer are distracted by the symmetry or asymmetry of the cheek bones, the shape of the nose and lips or the brightness and regularity or lack thereof of the teeth. We no longer see the lips move when a person is talking. We see only the eyes and as it has been said for millennia the eyes are the windows of the soul.

I have been paying close attention as people, particularly politicians, speak and with big screen TV’s and High Definition it is easy to watch the eyes and what I have seen is truly scary. I hear platitudes seeking a coming together but I see nothing in the eyes that even remotely demonstrates what those words mean. I see hardness; I see eyes that frighten me for I am looking into the souls of these people and I don’t see humaneness, only desire. I also see almost derision for those to whom the person is speaking. There is a decided attempt to cast the spell of ‘I expect you to believe me for I am in charge’. We elect people to represent us, not dominate us, but the eyes tell a different story. As I said, it is a truly scary observation. Try it yourself, pay attention to the eyes and not the words. I think you too may begin to See what is happening , which will give you more control over your own decisions. Trust your senses, not others’ words.

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