A poem written decades ago, you might guess when. Hint: it was when I first was exposed to the politicians and bureaucrats in WDC and realized the goal was not the greater good but party and personal power.


V is for victory, but sometimes it is difficult

To decide who won and who lost

For the maimed wander all the lands

And the dead have become sunk costs

V is for virtue, upon which we were called

Except not those scions of houses tall

Who deferred their service here and there

Until there was no need at all

V is for vanity, which set the whole thing off

But not the egotism of those who obey

Rather those who avow they lead,

And allege to know the way

V is for vulgar, like those who lead from behind 

For if a vow be broken and we are called to fight

For those who lead to stay at home,

Is profane within our sight

V is for vicissitude, which batters like a storm

The swirling winds our loyalty tests

Each wave our fortitude erodes

While we continue to lose our best

V is for victory, though the costs mount high

We’ll fight to regain our land

From those we thought would lead us on

But became a grasping hand

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