Reckless Endangerment?

I have a question for my readers: Are the President and Vice-President guilty of the crime of Reckless Endangerment by refusing to act on the border crisis by allowing thousands of undocumented migrants to enter the U.S., some of whom are carrying variants of the COVID virus as well as other contagious diseases like Tuberculosis, Aids and Monkey Pox?

For reference the legal definition of Reckless Endangerment is: You are guilty of Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree when, under circumstances evincing a depraved indifference to human life, you recklessly engage in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another person.

Thus defined, is it correct to assume that ignoring the advice of medical and law enforcement officials the President and Vice President have engaged in Reckless Endangerment if one or more U.S. citizens or undocumented migrants (who are entitled to the protection of U.S. Law) dies from exposure to an individual who, according to the immigration laws of the U.S. should not have been admitted?

I will be interested in your comments on this. I am not a lawyer but I’ve seen every episode of Law and Order and I have to say Dick Wolf convicted corporate entities of reckless endangerment on less evidence than is apparent to observers of the COVID and border crises.

Jump in. Let me hear from you.

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  1. The Dems political weaponization of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies has created a dangerous precedent FOR THEM when the pendulum swings back and Republicans are back in charge. As much as I’d like to see some of them in orange jumpsuits, we risk becoming a Banana Republic if we use the same selective enforcement of our laws that they have in order to punish our enemies and protect our friends. In a sane world the political process would punish Biden by impeachment but, given the cravenness of his allies in Congress, we’ll have to wait until the mid-terms to rein him/them in. As painful as the impeachment process is, this is the proper way to deal with his crimes.

    1. Oh, I fully understand the process for removing a sitting President and/or VP and only impeachment can do it. I only ask because in January 2023 it may be that tit becomes tat only in this case the charges will be Reckless Endangerment, a much more serious crime than the two levied against the last President. What may be the most interesting part of the procedure will be the deposing of the current President by Republican lawyers.

  2. You are absolutely correct. As a Texan I am angry and have difficulty understanding the stupidity of it.

  3. Yes I think they are guilty of Reckless endangerment. They want all of us vaccinated or not to wear masks to protect against others from Covid-19 yet they not only let a swarm of undocumented illegal aliens into the country without checking them for for disease, and they are paying non-profit groups ( Catholic Charities ) to move these people all over the country. I am Catholic and I find this distressing behavior from both politicians and the Catholic

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