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Further to my blog of 04 March and its laments about U.S. negotiators what happened but… Suddenly Russia demands protections for trade with Iran and promises that Ukraine won’t become a member of NATO for its part in mediating the return of what was one of the worst foreign affairs gaffs in U.S, history, namely the Iran Nuclear “deal.”

It is obvious the same people who worked to obtain that sham are behind the current negotiations and are willing to continue to work with the Russians even after the atrocities of Ukraine. In response to this action one should loudly recall the 1954 quote from lawyer Joseph Welch when he demanded of Senator McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency?” More appropriately it would be “have you no sense of shame?” You continue to work with a pariah regime to retrieve a deal with another pariah regime which wasn’t keeping the original deal to begin with. Who taught you people how to negotiate or with whom to negotiate?

This is simply one more example of the Trump syndrome on the part of those behind the current administration. Trump negated what any clear thinking, experienced, negotiator would tell you was an unenforceable pact. To those who put the deal in place this meant that stupid or not, unenforceable or not, Tump’s action must, itself be undone. So, come Hell or high water, genocide or terrorism, this administration will resurrect one of the dumbest foreign policy moves in the history of the U.S. and they will do it through the offices of a state run by a megalomaniac willing to threaten world nuclear annihilation to achieve his way.

I’m sure I’ll recover from my apoplexy by sometime tomorrow, although I may not because political callousness and stupidity send me round the bend. Is this the reason the administration won’t sanction Russian oil and start drilling? If it is, then somebody needs to be fired. Gotta go, my wife is reminding me to breathe.

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