Lowest Common Denominator

We have devolved to a society of the lowest common denominator; a society which discusses comic books as serious literature and pronouns as if the future of mankind depended upon whether someone is addressed as they want, rather than as they are. We no longer value competition, even though the real world demands it. We no longer praise achievement of an individual preferring to assert the team over the one truly responsible. We insist that everyone is equal in all aspects of life, when we know that isn’t true. We demand everyone accept groupthink as the modus operandus for all aspects of social, personal and professional life.

If, indeed, this is what they meant when they said the meek shall inherit the earth, then we’ll seriously have to rethink some things for if this is the meek leading us then verily they shall lead us to our destruction as a society and into chaos from whence, as has been demonstrated so many times in history, will arise yet another authoritarian regime where the meek will head the lines to the guillotines, trenches and furnaces.

Yes, it is that serious. If we learn nothing else from history it is that strength prevails. It matters little if that strength is a righteous strength or one from wherever Hell resides. The number of truly free societies in the history of mankind can be counted on the fingers of our hands. That we are about to lose our freedoms because some people are offended must be a joke to the Gods. Oh yes, there must be more than one for Yahweh commanded that “You will have no other gods before me.” Do you suppose they sit around on Olympus, in Heaven, or in the farthest reaches of the universe laughing at us? Here, they say, is a people whose forebears struggled to put in place a society that allows individuality to each and every. Each member of the society may say what they want, think what they want, do what they want as long as it is in keeping with the covenants of their society and they’re going to tear all this down because some in their society fear being offended. They’re going to replace this once in history society with one that requires groupthink, silence, and compliance in all things real and spiritual.

And, one will ask another, “How long do you think such a society will last?” The reply, “Just so long as it takes a stronger entity to invade and conquer, for strength and resolve will prevail.” When you build to the lowest common denominator all your buildings are one-story high.

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