Just a quick observation about the lack of logic in today’s talking heads and government leaders. They talk of this factor and that factor; how many people are or aren’t working; inflation numbers and the factors driving inflation and then they talk about fuel prices as if they were somehow a standalone entity. The simplest among us can figure out that fuel and the cost thereof are involved in every step of the production and sales process, covering everything from Agricultural products to ziplock bags to store that produce, and everything in between. For things that are assembled from parts that come from near and far, for chemicals necessary to make things, for anything that doesn’t grow in you backyard, oops, forgot you have to cut your back yard and that, too, requires fuel.

Fuel is the cost driver (pun intended) for everything else in this country and not to solve the fuel cost crisis is (reader may insert choice of descriptive words).

Our leaders claim to be smart people, but they don’t act it. Logic is simple, maybe we should elect more simple people to leadership positions. People who see through the contorted excuses and understand how a simple problem can have a simple answer.

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