There is No Left or Right

Socialism and Communism we are told, are governments of the left while Monarchy and Fascism are governments of the right. Liberals are on the left while conservatives are on the right, unless you are a conservationist in which case you’re on the left because people have told us that environmentalists are on the left and developers are on the right. Those on the left chant “Power to the People” while those on the right mumble “Power from the People.”

We are told that the terms Political Left and Political Right originated before the French Revolution when the revolutionaries set to Louis’ left and the monarchists to his right. That’s a little difficult to believe because why would Louis allow revolutionaries into his court? Today the Democrats in the U.S. Congress sit to the left as you enter and the Republicans to the right. But, of course, when you look from the Speaker or President’s chair the reverse is true; the Democrats are on the right and the Republicans on the left. In today’s world left has come to mean the progressive collectivist agenda of the socialists and the right is being chided by opponents as fascist white supremacists.

These are attempts by political parties and operatives thereof to control how the public perceives politics. Left/Right, Black/White, Right/Wrong. Everyone on the left is bad say some, others will say the same about the right. The truth is, the concept of a left and right is created by control of money for elections.

We need a constitutional convention of the states before it is too late. Many things need to be addressed to limit the power of activist judges, collectivist politicians and power hungry individuals who wish to replace our Constitutional Republic with a mob controlled dictatorship of the people. At the moment we are embroiled in an imbroglio wherein vocal and anti-republican (as in form of government not political party) minorities control the narrative and seek to dictate to the majority how lives should be lived. Only through amending the Constitution can these problems be solved. For my suggested solutions see my blog “If I Ran the Zoo.”

But remember there is no left or right; it’s all about power and the ability to control the narrative.

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