Just Because

Just because I made the prediction that the Collectivists will eventually win doesn’t mean a concerted effort cannot delay the inevitable victory. By all means possible the Collectivists should be challenged in their attempts to construct an authoritarian government structure. So too, should the ultra conservatives be resisted in their attempts to impose strictures on the abilities of individuals to live by their own moral codes.

Better we construct a society that demands participation by citizens. A national service requirement with no exemptions would go a long way in rekindling the fire under the American melting pot. It’s about time the courts realized that rights do not come without responsibilities and requiring certain standards of those who would participate is in no way discriminatory. Civics and American History classes should be requirements in all educational formats, elementary, middle, high schools and colleges. We should be more concerned with individuals exercising informed citizenship rights rather than pronouns or gender reassignments.

Yes, extremists should be resisted whether on the left or the right but it takes an educated and informed citizenry to do that.

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