First Blog Post – Part 1

So, welcome to my new blog. What you’re going to find here are just thoughts, maybe an idea or two, and a lot of personal, hopefully informed opinion.  I may push the edges of your individual political, religious, or philosophical envelope a bit, but that’s what good dialogue does.

Here goes:

Thinking about all this Russia-related material in the news. Russia did this, Russia did that, Russia is responsible for President Trump winning, but wait! No, it was the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee that paid for the so-called Russian intelligence dossier on Trump. Russia hacked the DNC computers, or did they? Russia provided Hillary’s e-mails to WikiLeaks, or did they? So, where’s the truth? Let’s look at history for a moment. Russia has been interfering or attempting to interfere in the U.S. political process since 1920. In fact, the U.S. government specifically refused to recognize the government of the Soviet Union because the Soviets were actively supporting groups in the U.S. which called for the overthrow of the U.S. government. Not until 1933 and the growth of the Japanese Empire in Asia did the U.S. recognize the S.U., and then it was with the strict proviso that no further funds would flow to anti-U.S. groups. Of course, the Russians adhered to that agreement just like other agreements Stalin signed – in other words, they didn’t.

Still, after a while, the Soviets decided that getting a Communist or Socialist government into the United States wasn’t really what they wanted. I mean, they had achieved a Communist government in China, and how had that worked out? After a decade, you had Chinese Communist ideas competing with Russian ideas, and the Sino-Soviet rift occurred. And if you put a similar government in place in the U.S., you would just have another Communist government in a state that had more people, more money, and more resources. No, what was wanted was to create so much internal strife in the U.S. that it could not interfere in the foreign undertakings of the S.U. And thus was born the idea to fund any and all groups that could (and would) cause problems internally within the U.S.

More on this tomorrow.

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