First Blog Post – Part 2

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“That’s old news.” “That’s been litigated.” “That’s like investigating McGovern for Watergate.” “Trump’s people wanted to get information from WikiLeaks.” All these statements and more are being thrown around in an attempt to mitigate what may be or may not be criminal activity. As I pointed out yesterday, the Russians have been trying to interfere in U.S. politics for almost a century, and it is no surprise to find their fingers once again stirring the melting pot that is U.S. politics. If their intent is to cause dissension and turmoil, then they have done their job well. If you want the edge of chaos, then there are plenty of narcissistic politicians to whom you can channel support, and more than a few organizations who oppose the U.S. as it is currently constituted. Now “constituted” is an important word here because it implies the obvious: that there is a constitution in place that forms the paradigm of government in the U.S.  But now we have groups and individuals who challenge the very nature of the Constitution with claims of bias, racism, and such on the part of the framers of that document.

Make no mistake, and do not be taken in by the rhetoric: the involvement of the Russians, the patronizing protestations of innocence by politicians, or the bombastic conspiracy theories of the media – this entire state of affairs is about POWER.  It’s about who gets to be in charge. Just as the issue with Terrorism isn’t about religion, but once again about power. Terrorism is a tool to achieve power by intimidating others. In the current political situation, a variety of tools are being used in an attempt to influence you and others into believing that this or that is true.  In doing so, you will act in the manner the operatives channel you. What you are witnessing is the unraveling of a complicated and long-term covert action operation by the Russians, which happened to dovetail with the undertakings of certain U.S. political operatives’ intent on achieving and holding onto power. It’s fascinating to watch if you can avoid the emotion that is so readily provoked. That’s the key, people: don’t become emotionally involved, because that is what the operatives are seeking to achieve. It’s all about managing perception.

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