A Halloween Massacre?

On this day of spooks (of all kinds) we’re learning some spooky things about goings-on in Washington. Specifically, we now know that a group of people were lobbying (another word for acting as paid agents of) at least one foreign power in an attempt to influence both foreign and domestic policy in the U.S. You can bet that this particular example is only one of many such undertakings on behalf of many foreign entities. If we are to begin to peel back the very thin covers regarding lobbyists et alia acting on behalf of foreign governments, then expect a veritable flood of indictments. Is Mueller actually interested in draining the swamp? If so, then we can expect many more indictments that will name other foreign entities and lobbyists and former politicians from both sides of the aisles of Congress. Criminal activity and unethical behavior in Washington does not have a party affiliation, and thus we expect to see any and all engaged in such activity stand in the dock before the U.S. justice system. Will it actually happen? We can only wait and see, but ask yourself this question: Where has the media been while all this illegal activity was taking place literally under their noses?

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  1. Nearly 40 years ago there was another “Halloween Massacre” of more than 800 of our colleagues whose only “crime” was to be of early retirement age. A great deal of expertise was lost. Many of those fired/retired were later taken back on contract — except for all the European-born Jews who had emigrated in the 1930s. Any “looking back” thoughts on that shameful episode, thanks to Stansfield Turner?

    1. Kim, I think you can sum up Stansfield Turner’s directorship by telling the oft-repeated tale of how he supposedly wanted employees to wear pins that had their GS ratings on them. Apparently he was tired of being spoken to by GS-12’s. This was a too common failing of senior military types who made their way into the Agency. But you should remember Turner’s Navy had restrooms for officers, petty officers and enlisted personnel.

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