When Will the Other Shoe Drop?

When lobbyists like Manafort get arrested, and other lobbyists like Tony Podesta start crawfishing, can members of Congress be far behind? After all, if the lobbyists have been engaging in illegal activities, with whom would those illegal activities be conducted? Since the purpose of a lobbyist is to sway members of Congress and the Washington administration to take action that benefits the lobbyist clients, it only follows that somewhere in Congress there are those who undertook to produce one, two, or more of the actions the lobbyists sought. And then the question becomes: What did these members or administration officials receive in return? The investigators will have to look closely for pass-through companies that clean money for the lobbyists, as well as non-tangible benefits for these people or those in their families. Life would be so much easier if we could get a law that prohibits a member of Congress or an employee of the federal government from accepting anything, including cups of coffee, from anyone, not just lobbyists. Were we to implement such a law, we would have no further groping our way through the gray colored morass that Congress currently is, and those who attempt to influence members thereof. But at this moment, I wonder just how many Congressmen and Senators are a little bit worried that the special investigator is going to show up at their door with the other shoe in hand.

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