This and That

Been down with a cold. Yep, a cold – and that’s after the type A flu and the eye infection. My immune system is pretty much nonworking at this time. So, if we meet in the street, please don’t give me whatever you’ve got.

Still, I’ve had a lot of down time to listen to music, and I have to say that while I consider myself a fairly accomplished individual, I have one envy, and that is musical ability. Now, I know a lot about music – I can read music, I know good music from bad music, I have an appreciation for several genres of music, and I find music an integral part of my life – but I cannot make music. Early in my life I played the cornet and French horn relatively well for a beginner, but while I was good at sight reading, I really didn’t have the ear to reproduce mood, tone, and tint that good musicians have. Finally, I gave up music to pursue sports, since playing the piano and playing baseball (particularly as a catcher) don’t match up. It’s the fingers, you see: catchers are always dislocating, breaking, or getting a split finger-tip. The other reason was my father. Now, this sounds counter-intuitive because my father constantly encouraged me in music, but he was so good at so many instruments that I knew I would never reach his level, and it was disheartening.

While I have a few regrets about what I’ve done or haven’t done in my life, not pursuing music is one of the largest. People who can make music, good music, are a boon to the world, and should be grateful of their gift. I’m grateful for their gifts and grateful that I’m a really good listener. Put some good music on and relax. Everybody can play the radio – oops, that dates me – everybody can enjoy YouTube.

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