An Advert, Sort of

Go to YouTube and search for Allison Young and listen to her sing. Subscribe to her Youtube channel. You won’t be sorry. This young lady is from Morristown, Tennessee and now lives in Nashville trying to make it as a singer and songwriter like at least a third of the population of that city. I first saw Allison when she did a musical at our local theater, The Oak Ridge Playhouse and was impressed with her voice. I think you’ll like her. BTW The Oak Ridge Playhouse is a phenomenal resource. It has been putting on shows for over seventy-five years and attracts the best of talent. In one play alone a couple of years ago three of the actors had Hollywood credits. The musicals are fantastic. Anyway listen to Allison and, if you can, support her efforts. You’ll like her; I guaraaaanteeee it, he said with his best deep South bayou accent.

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