Don’t Take the Bait

Most of my posts tend to be innocuous observations of history schooling us for the present, and today’s is no different; today’s may be seen as highly objectionable by some but, forward looking by others. I only offer advice based upon observation and I’m up for a good discussion on the merits of that advice

I’ll start by saying that society is not perfect and there are lots of things that need to be addressed but not in a way that creates anarchy. Elements from outside the original Judaeo-Christian ethic upon which this country was founded are using that very ethic against its current population. How so, you ask? Well you’ve heard the answer from a lot of stand-up comedians and it is the very element we all realize to be at the heart of the ten commandments and other codes of conduct used to devolve the laws in our Republic; Guilt. Yep, good ole Guilt with a capital G. These operatives want you to feel guilty about what has happened in the past and to kneel down and pledge allegiance to a new society wherein everyone will be equal. Now, even the most rudimentary study of history will tell you that everyone isn’t equal and government cannot make them so. Even if government can assure equal opportunity, which it cannot (think connections, family, college, and a whole host of other factors that influence opportunity), it cannot ensure equal outcome. Take for example the Great Society programs of the 1960’s, of which I was a great supporter. Government said that the inequality in opportunity to achieve training for professions must be remedied so it set up job training camps throughout the US. Thus, government addressed equality of opportunity but then, nobody came. Government did not understand that the culture into which they were inserting opportunity had become one that depended upon not work but government entitlements. I could go on ad nauseam about the billions of dollars government has thrown at this problem but you can read about that elsewhere. It’s really fascinating and I commend to you the study of the growth of the social programs of the US. Before I leave this I should point out that the societal dependence on government entitlements is not a racial one. I live in Appalachia and I can assure you there are as many Caucasian families that have grown to depend upon the government as there are families of color.

Now back to the conspiracy to foment revolution and yes, it is a conspiracy. It isn’t a made up for politics conspiracy but a real tangible conspiracy where both ends of the political spectrum believe they will come out on top if they can only rip apart the fabric of society and turn neighbor against neighbor. So, what is the answer? Well its simple to say but hard to do and will require more than a little effort on each individual’s part.

First: Don’t take the bait. Do not respond to the actions of the radicals either on the right or the left. That’s what they want you to do, so don’t do it. Do not become emotional, stay focused and use logic. Emotion is what the activists are trying to provoke. Think of it like a two-year old’s temper tantrum.

Second: Actively work to vote out of office politicians who have taken the side of the radicals in an effort to remain in office. They have violated the public trust.

Third: Actively participate in the political process to elect color blind officials and attempt to get them to sign some sort of enforceable contract to act in the best interests of their constituents, instead of making empty promises we all know they cannot deliver because we understand that 1/435 or 1/100 cannot dictate process. Elect local officials who are more concerned with the people than the tax base of the community. Eschew long serving politicians and elect people who speak and act practically and who demonstrate a good knowledge of what has gone before so that they don’t try things that have already been tried and failed. Those who have been aides to politicians only know the political, they don’t know the people. Watch out for lawyers, Shakespeare didn’t trust them and that was five hundred years ago. Also watch out for retired four-star generals. As a former Aide d’camp to a major commander I can tell you many of them have a skewed sense of self-worth and egos that are impossibly large. This does not apply as a generalization but based on observed behavior over the past decade it seems that more than a few exhibit the symptoms of delusion that because they were a general people should do what they say.

Last, and this just might be the toughest of all but it is absolutely the one thing that will defeat radicalism: Treat others as you would be treated, whether you personally like them or not; whether they are the same color or creed or religion or think like you. Welcome their ideas and discuss them rationally and logically and remember that change happens every day and not all change is bad. This is how we will defeat the conspiracy and defend the Republic but it will take more than yelling at your TV sets.

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