I wrote about this before, but the recent Twitter purchase and subsequent exposure of the complicity of government in the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop material, brings once again to the fro the contrived letter of the fifty-one members of the Intelligence Community. Many of these erstwhile individuals could not have had direct access to any intelligence to support the conclusion they had reached that this computer was a foreign intelligence service’s attempt to discredit the Biden family, for the information was surely damning, especially that of the contact and business with the Chinese Communist Party and members thereof.

I say they could not have had direct access because a source capable of providing such intelligence would be extremely valued and would be known to only a few members of the then current intelligence apparatus. I know this from experience, having run more than one of these highly sensitive operations during my career. That said, the diversity of the organizations represented by the fifty-one and the duties and responsibilities they would have had, preclude the majority of them from knowing such information. If they did, then the “Need to Know” requirement of intelligence dissemination was breached. That, in itself, is a crime.

All fifty-one of these individuals should be sworn in before a congressional investigative body and asked for the source of their information. If they attempt to hide behind the source protection and classification of the information it should be easy to disabuse them that they, at the time, would not have been in a position to know and thus, any passing of the information to them would have violated 18 U.S. Code Chapter 37 section 798.

In point of fact, if there actually was classified information available that this was a foreign covert action undertaking, then the letter itself discloses classified information and all who signed it are guilty of a violation of the above statute.

Personally, I find the letter a perfect example of desperate men doing desperate things. If, however, you are betting on the eventual winner you will never be held to account for your actions, for it will fall under the rubric of ends justifying means.

It is time these people explain themselves. If there really was classified information available then they have violated the most basic of the intelligence protection acts. If there wasn’t, then they lied to the American public, not out of ignorance, but with intent to abet illegal acts done by those they supported. There are several statutes that cover such action, like: concealing a crime; interfering in an investigation; accessory after the fact; et cetera.

It is clear they did not act in the interest of the nation but, rather, in the interest of an individual(s) who may have committed federal crimes. It’s time for the public to understand just how this letter came to be and on what it was based. I will chance a guess that at the beginning of this undertaking we will encounter a political operative cloaked as an intelligence officer. And, at the end, we will understand this truly was a covert intelligence operation planned and executed against the people of the United States.

A word to the congressional members: don’t start with the highest ranking but rather the lowest ranking signers. You want to build the base of the pyramid of evidence. Remember the lowest ranking members are less likely to have had access to such information, hence they either signed solely as a sop to curry favor with their former bosses or they are part of the origin of the conspiracy. You need ask them only: “How did you know this was true?”

Some people are calling for an apology from the fifty-one but, personally, I’m calling for some accountability. They knew exactly what they were doing

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