Society’s New Clothes

Society dresses differently than it did twenty years ago. Outré might be the term that best describes the new raiment society has chosen. Small groups with loud voices and a complicit media tell us that if we do not dress in society’s new clothes we are, insert your own terms here, you could choose: homophobic, racist, white supremacist, fascist, and a whole host of other ad hominem attack phrases. But what they want you to believe is they constitute the majority and you should conform to their mode of dress.

Yet, those with the eyes of a child see the new society couture for what it is; a sham. There are no new clothes, in fact there are no clothes at all. Now, you may think I’m making a play on “The Emperor’s New Clothes” here, and I am. People do not want to be thought to be “not with it” so they join the fad. They are afraid of being singled out and shamed. In the story of the emperor’s new clothes it took a child, who was yet to be indoctrinated into the groupthink that drove his society, to pronounce that the emperor was nude.

Realizing the threat the innocence of child-like thinking presents to their movement the fashion designers of the “New Society” seek to begin indoctrination of groupthink at the kindergarten phase. This is very much like movements of the past where the National Socialists created programs for children to indoctrinate them into the groupthink necessary to be a worshiper of Adolph Hitler or the Young Pioneer movement of the Soviet Union. Remember, in both societies children were encouraged to report their relatives if they spoke ill of the government or advanced ideas not approved by the establishment. In fashion one sees that what is old is new again. If the collectivists are able to indoctrinate the young, then we will have no one to tell us they and their ideas have no substance, but are simply ploys to control. Ideas like fashion are cyclical and we have seen the collectivists’ ideas before. Just as we’ve seen pegged pants and platform shoes come and go and come back, the new clothes of the collectivists might as well be jack boots and red neckerchiefs.

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