Climate and World Power

Dutch farmers are protesting their government’s move to buy up farms and kill cattle. China is attempting to buy up as much U.S. agricultural land as it can. Windmills cost more to build, maintain and take down than any savings the energy they will produce in their operational lifetime will accrue. Solar panels are made in China. It’s not ok to mine coal but it is ok to mine rare earth elements needed for the batteries to store the “Green” energy. Greta Thunberg just took down a tweet that said climate change would destroy the world by 2023. Al Gore’s inconvenient truth has yet to materialize. Barrack Obama supports the theory of climate change causing sea levels to rise dramatically, but just purchased two sea front properties, one in Hawaii and one in the Hamptons. China is building eight new coal-fired energy plants and building artificial islands in the South China Sea with carbon belching sea dredges and construction equipment. Russia remains adamant in its attempt to restore a Russian empire by conquering Ukraine where the implements of war produce more carbon than thousands of cars on the Los Angeles freeways.

The West meanwhile is concerned with fluidity of gender, pronouns of choice, color of skin and reducing its carbon emissions. The Ins call the Outs, racists, Nazis, and other names to conjure up images of torturous domination, while they use the political and social techniques employed by totalitarian governments of the past and present.

Climate is changing. It always has and always will. The most intriguing part of this phenomenon for me is the people who believe man has replaced God and Nature and that they can control and dictate what the climate will be. Instead of taking money and using it to discover new ways to use CO2 they want to invest in “Green” energy” that isn’t “Green” at all. The cost of building, maintaining and taking down, a windmill is more than the value of the electricity the windmill will produce in its 11-14 lifespan. Solar panels useful energy is degraded from the moment it is installed by dust particles from the air settling on it. Rain then mixes with the dust to form a film that reduces the energy production capability of the panel significantly. The cost of mining the rare minerals, necessary for the batteries of “Green” energy, makes it almost a prohibitive exercise. Additionally, that the elements are mined, in many cases, by child labor should make it a human rights matter. Plus, sigh, the control of the territory in which the minerals are mined will become a major international political issue. This could add to the already hight tensions between China and the U.S. This should not be something considered when pressing for “Green” energy.

That China is responsible for more than 27% of all carbon emissions and is in no way looking to reduce its emissions, because of the energy it needs to assert itself as the new Number One World Power, goes uncommented upon by Climate Activists. By imposing “Green” energy restrictions on the other nations but allowing China to go unrestricted only aids China in its efforts to dominate the world. A close look at finances will discover China secretly funding some of the Green movement as part of its effort to dominate the world. You will also discover them playing in U.S. political movements to fund pro-China groups, as well as contributing to movements that push divisiveness between racial and economic groups in the U.S. and elsewhere.

That’s enough for today but, be warned. If you are a Green proponent it is likely you are being used by forces you don’t see.

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