The word du jour is “Weaponizing.” We smother the noun ‘weapon’ and make it a verb. It is all the rage for now any action taken that is anti to something someone represents is called weaponizing this or that. The judicial system, law enforcement, tax investigation, bit tech, not acknowledging a blood relative, congressional hearings, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, as our friendly King Mongkut was so fond of saying.

It’s the latest defense against all manner of fact finding. Someone reports a fact and rather than dispute the fact with evidence the reporter of the fact is accused of “weaponizing” whatever the process of having discovered the fact was. No longer do we deal with truth or falsehood, just ad hominem attacks against those who would present facts. The tactics of “Weaponization” of systems is not new. In fact, it is as old as government. Those in control use the system to stymie political opponents. “Not fair” we cry, and it isn’t but it is as old as any compact wherein some people are chosen to administer the system. Assassination used to be an accepted, if frowned upon, method of dealing with opponents and truth be told still is in some parts of the world like Russia. Now we deal in character assassination and criminal investigations.

Ah, yes, criminal investigations. That’s Washington’s most used “weapon.” Someone is investigated and they have to hire lawyers to represent them. Even if no charges are filed the subject of the investigation goes broke having to pay the lawyers and Washington has effectively erased another opponent. I say Washington because this is a tactic used by whatever administration is running the Department of Justice. A senior GS-15 makes about $130,000/year. Living in the D.C. area is expensive so when you have to pay lawyers $1,000/hr to defend you the money goes fast. You take a second mortgage on your house. You take out a signature loan. Pretty soon you end up pleading to a “lesser charge” just to stop the hemorrhaging. This process has been going on for years.

I note that former President Trump is being indicted for destroying evidence of the existence of classified material. I also note that Hillary Clinton was not charged for exactly the same action. Bear with me on this one and remember that I was a very senior counterintelligence official during my days in the intelligence community. I know about these things. This indictment alone should prove there is a tiered justice system. Those in power get to choose such things. I also note the undisputed fact that in more than four thousand federal prosecutions for drug users illegally possessing firearms not one was adjudicated with diversion and expungement. Until, that is, the Hunter Biden case.

Mendel proved that “like begets like” and what we have is a situation where those in power protect their allies. It has always been so and will until we make some constitutional amendments allowing for outside intervention into such matters. Both the judicial and legislative branches need to be empowered to appoint special prosecutors who do not have to work through the Department of Justice to investigate, indict and try individuals in the Executive branch or the Legislative branch of government. There is a process in place for Congress to try and remove a justice. Because of the partiality of Congress and the great divide we need to consider the abolition of political parties and the control of election financing. Every candidate should stand on their own. No help from national parties and no money from outside the district where they stand for election. Corporations should not be treated as individuals for the purpose of campaign contributions, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, said our enlightened monarch.

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